About Me

I am an intuitive and emath. I use the name of my collaborative blog project, The Esoteric Nashvillian, in my spiritual work, due to privacy concerns for myself, friends, family and clients.

I am a writer, blogger, creative, read tarot, read divination cards, channel messages, channel energy and trained in Reiki.

My entire life I have known there was  something about me that I did not quite understand. I could see, hear, smell and understand things others couldn’t or did not want to see or experience.

Since childhood, many have come to me for guidance or a listening ear. I just thought I was a good listener.

I have long strong struggled with anxiety, depression, and trauma that finally hit a breaking point at the end of 2017. I was totally out of touch with myself and found my way.

In my journey to healing and personal growth, I re-discovered my gifts and abilities as an intuitive and empath that I had long since been ashamed of or denied.

In 2018, I accepted myself and abilities. I finally acknowledged it was real and not just a series of coincidences.  I bought my first tarot deck and ate up every book I could find about the essence of the tarot, psychic abilities, divination, and clairvoyance.

I have encountered spirits, entities, and energies from other dimensions and unknown timelines. I’ve learned how to work with energy. I also use astrology and moon cycles as part of my spiritual work.

I do this for the love of it! I want to help you see what you can’t see. I want to help you grow and realize your best self. I want to promote healing and wellness. If there is a service out of your price range, or just curious about what this all means, you can contact me, follow my blog Instagram and Facebook page- The Esoteric Nashvillian.

I’m not a medical professional or licensed therapist. My advice/services are not given as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you have a medical emergency, please contact medical personnel. If you’re experiencing hallucinations or suicidal thoughts, please contact medical personnel.



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